Disposable will be a dirty word at first Eco Fashion Week

 The West Australian
By: Amanda Keenan
Photo: By Mogens Johansen
Photo Caption: Models Cassandra Glaus-Johnson, Lydia Stevens and Katerina Buck display some of the garments on show at Eco Fashion Week

Original content from The West Australian.

A Perth woman who is one of vegan actress Pamela Anderson’s favourite designers will host the country’s first-ever eco fashion festival in November.

Disposable will be a dirty word at the festival showcasing durable, small-run clothing designed and made in Australia.

Brigadoon designer Zuhal Kuvan-Mills’ Green Embassy label has garnered a global following but the interest in sustainable fashion in her adopted hometown is slight, to say the least.

“For two years I’m all around the planet showing my work, everywhere except Perth,” she said.

The Istanbul-born vet and volunteer Curtin lecturer said her international network could not believe Australia did not have its own eco fashion week.

Ms Kuvan-Mills has already been overwhelmed by the response.

“All these up-and-coming designers ... more and more they say the future is sustainability,” she said.

The designer’s own pieces use natural dyes, vegan silk and fibre from her pet alpacas — although Anderson insists on her pieces being completely animal product-free.

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