What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on Canberra’s roads?

Riot Act!
By: Jane Speechley
Photo: From Alpaca Pet Therapy Facebook page

Original content from Riot Act!.

Earlier this month, I was amused to read the story of a man caught driving in Toowoomba with no front seats.

Yes, you read that right. The car was missing both front seats.

Instead, the driver – who later admitted he was disqualified from driving as well – and his brave passenger were perched on rolled-up foam mattresses.

Surely you could at least drop in a stroller, like that clever Bush Mechanics mob?

Once I got over my surprise that this seatless expedition broke only two laws (I guess the need for common-sense isn’t legislated yet …), it got me wondering: what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on the road?

For example, there used to be regular sightings throughout Canberra of a small car travelling with an alpaca in the back.

As it turns out, this was Honeycomb the pet therapy alpaca, visiting hospitals and palliative care centres to brighten up the day of those who were sick and dying.

Sadly, dear old Honeycomb passed away in 2016. His duties have now been taken up by friends Hercules and Forrest Gump, but they now travel in the relative space and comfort of a van, so might not be as easy to spot.

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