Man's NEW best friend: Meet Chewpaca

Daily Mail
By: Emily Pidgeon
Photo: Courtesy of chew_paca/Instagram
Photo Caption: 'When we go for walks (pictured) he's always chewing on other people's plants ... he's just getting past his teenage years,' Matt said.

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While many kids dream getting a puppy or a kitten for Christmas, other children want to stand out from the crowd.

From long walks on the beach to rides in the family car, nothing is off limits for 15-year-old Matt's pet alpaca, Chewpaca.

'He comes in my room a lot and noses around,' Matt told Daily Mail Australia.

'I take him for walks, we give him treats ... in a lot of ways he is part of the family.'

Just like many pet dogs, Chewpaca comes to his name, runs on the beach, plays with other dogs and even goes on occasional holidays.

Matt said Chewy is a sociable alpaca who loves being around people although he is 'pretty stubborn'.

'He's a bit nosey ... he likes getting his own way,' he said.

'When he's not happy, I've been spat on a few times.'

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