Alpaca farmer | Susan Reynolds from Crookwell

Crookwell Gazette  
By: Bronwyn Haynes
Photo: Courtesy of Crookwell Gazette  
Photo Caption: All demanding attention!
Original content from Crookwell Gazette

It’s an early rise every morning on the Greenridge Glen alpaca farm in Crookwell.

Owner Susan Reynolds loves this time of day, as it is peaceful, clean and fresh.

Hers is a 52-acre farm with 79 alpaca. She started in 2001 with just three. Ms Reynolds  runs the farm solo.

The first task of the day is to release the ISA Browns and Orpingtons to freely range.

“Such industriousness is rewarded by seasonal insects, fruit, veggies and their special favourite treat, a small amount of raw mince.” Ms Reynolds said.

“I then check on the girls that somehow meld into the rising mist, forming swan-like shapes as they move through the grass in the bottom paddock.

“Feed is good, water is OK, and we patiently wait for seasonal rain.”

Alpaca are part of the Camelid family and are conservative with their water consumption, and never foul water supply, a bonus in a dry climate. 

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