Gonville School adds two alpacas to their school zoo

Wanganui Chronicle       
By: Anne-Marie McDonald
Photo: By Stuart Munro   
Photo Caption: Chiquita Downie feeds the Gonville School alpacas - Arlo, left, and Vinnie.
Original content from Wanganui Chronicle.  

 The two new faces at Gonville School won't be sitting in class any time soon.

Vinnie and Arlo are alpacas and they join the school's ever-increasing animal population.
Two guinea pigs, four hens (plus an extra one that turned up at the school recently), a blue-tongued lizard, a cat called Techno and a pig called Wilbur all call Gonville School home.

Teacher Laura Baker, who is in charge of caring for Vinnie and Arlo, said Wilbur the pig had been getting "a bit lonely", so the idea came up for the school to get a pair of alpacas. The board of trustees gave their approval.

Vinnie and Arlo came from a farm in Stratford. Vinnie, the biggest and oldest, is 6 years old; while Arlo is 2 years old.

"Because he was born a twin, he was quite small, and he probably always will be. Vinnie is definitely the boss," Ms Baker said.

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