McCracken resident Marc Mullette to run for the Greens in Finniss for the 2018 state election

The Times
By: Emmalie Balnaves-Gale
Photo: By Emmalie Balnaves-Gale
Photo Caption: McCracken resident Marc Mullette, who will represent the Greens in the race for Finniss in the upcoming state election, with one of his 120 alpacas that live on a farm at Bald Hills.

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As the race for Finniss heats up in the lead up to the state election this March, the Greens have played their best card in the hope of contesting the traditionally safe Liberal seat.

In the wake of SA Best’s announcement that Fleurieu born-and-bred Joe Hill will represent the new party, the Greens have named McCracken resident Marc Mullette as the latest Finniss challenger.

Mr Mullette enters the race as a high school English teacher with a doctrine of law, an animal lover with a herd of alpacas and a passion for the environment with a vision for the south coast.

American-born, he moved to Australia back in 2006 and made the Fleurieu his home over a year ago.

He now has 120 alpacas that live at Yaringa Alpacas, allowing him to become the farmer he had always hoped to be.

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