Nevalea Alpaca farm welcomes rare twins

By: Frances Ferguson
Photo: By Frances Ferguson / stuff
Photo Caption: Kellie Dodd from Nevalea Alpacas holds twin Lucy as her brother Lucas stays close to mum. 

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New Zealand's largest alpaca farm is celebrating a rare and undocumented first with the recent birth of twin cria's.

Twins Lucy and Lucas were born on February 3 at Nevalea Alpacas, located in the hills of Taumarunui, leaving their owners over the moon with the unexpected surprise.

Kellie Dodd said it was a one and 50,000 chance for alpaca to give birth to twins making the recent addition a rare and joyous occasion.

It is so rare she couldn't get an statistics from the Alpaca Association NZ.

"Alpacas usually don't have twins. There have been some [twins] but they generally don't survive. You may only get one that survives so we've got two lives ones which is good."

Nearly three weeks later the twins are doing well.

Lucy was the first to be born at 1pm followed by Lucas an hour later, both weighing 3.9 kilograms.

Parents Nevalea Harriet and Sunset Estate Soho were pen mated 11 and a half months ago.

With only a couple of days out from her due date, Dodd said the birth went smoothly with no complications.

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