Meet Donovan the 20 year old alpaca

The Weekly Times 
By: The Weekly Times
Photo: Courtesy of Independent
Photo Caption: Donovan may well be the oldest alpaca we’ve ever met.

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 BACK Paddock readers will know we love a story about the longevity of animals and have paid tribute to numerous ancient horses, dogs and cows.

But so far on out travels we have not met a geriatric alpaca, which begs the question, how old is old for a camelid?

This is Donovan, who belongs to Sue Curliss, of Elaine, and he is 20.

Back Paddock asked Sue how many years alpacas live for and she said “20.”

Errr, we hope that doesn’t mean Donovan’s demise is imminent, but given how perky he looks he surely couldn’t be slipping off the perch any time soon.

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