What’s going on with Alpaca Magic?

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By: Yass Tribune
Photo: Courtesy of Yass Tribune
Photo Caption: Mother and son: Alpaca Magic welcomes all visitors.

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Alpaca Magic is having another open day on March 25. From 11am to 3pm. Families and children will be able to visit the local llamas and their babies, who will be strolling in among the visitors.

The visitors are welcome to come in and enjoy a picnic among the friendly animals, and may also pat them and interact with them.

For those who are nervous around the animals, the site also has experience guides who are more than happy to assist and introduce you to a new llama friend.


Alpaca Magic is located at 2771 Sutton Road, Sutton. It’s just 15 minutes out of Canberra, an easy trip for anybody who wants to take a quick drive to see some furry friends.

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