Weanling alpacas stolen from Softfoot Alpacas in Hindmarsh Valley on Fleurieu Peninsula

The Times 
By: Dani Brown  
Photo: Courtesy of Softfoot Alpacas   
Photo Caption: TAKEN FROM FARM: Twenty-three weanlings from Softfoot Alpacas were stolen over the last week, and police hope the public can help locate them.

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Twenty-three weanling alpacas have been stolen from a property in Hindmarsh Valley, and local police are calling for public help to get them home.

Sometime last week, five males and 18 females aged about three months old were taken from Softfoot Alpacas on Kenny Road.

Police believe someone rounded them up into a paddock yard on the property and then lifted them into a trailer before they were taken away.

The group of alpacas are a mix of colours.

Softfoot Alpacas co-owner Gary Retallick said he felt sad that someone could come onto their 600-hectare property, open a gate and take their animals.

“I’m sad. You think you’re doing a nice honourable rural industry and everybody supports you… then someone decided they needed our animals more than us,” he said.

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