Kaleen High’s alpaca adventure

Yass Tribune      
By: Zac Lowe
Photo: Courtesy of Yass Tribune

Photo Caption: Hand-dyed: The students from Kaleen High with their hand-dyed yarn.

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Last Friday, students from Kaleen High School enjoyed an excursion to Murrumbateman to learn about one of the more obscure aspects of agriculture: alpaca farming.

Angela Smith, who owns and operates an alpaca farm, One Tree Hill Alpaca Stud, in Murrumbateman with her husband, welcomed roughly 25 agriculture and textile students from the Canberra school, and spent the day educating them about the various facets of working with the animals.

“In the morning we did the textile class, I showed them how to prep fleeces, and we hand-dyed some yarn,” Mrs Smith said.

“In the afternoon we went into the paddock and showed them how to put a halter on, how to walk an alpaca, how to cut toenails, and  they all had a go at walking the alpacas around the paddock.”

The experience is beneficial for the students, Mrs Smith said, because it provides them with the opportunity to experience the industry that they’re studying.

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