RSPCA South Australia has no dramas finding homes for group of llamas and alpacas living temporarily at their Lonsdale shelter fencing

The Advertiser    
By: Elizabeth Henson
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

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THE RSPCA is having no dramas finding new homes for a group of llamas – and alpacas – that have been temporarily living at its Lonsdale shelter.

The organisation took in 19 alpacas and llamas in December last year as a result of an ongoing animal welfare investigation.

On Monday, the agency made a public appeal for people to stick their necks out and provide new forever homes for the woolly animals.

And it has been overwhelmed by the response.

Four llamas are already settling into new paddocks, while some of the alpacas will be formally adopted today.

RSPCA spokeswoman Kate Holmes said the organisation expected the remaining temporary residents would be rehomed within a week.

“We had an amazing response with well over 200 applications,” Ms Holmes said.

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