Blind alpaca's plight continues as hopes for his brother fade

By: Jay Boreham
Photo: By Lawrence Smith

Photo Caption: Ronaldo, left, has been lent to Jan Lummis as a new companion for her blind alpaca, Bambi.

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The plight of blind alpaca Bambi has worsened following the theft of his brother, and now a third alpaca's life could be in danger.

Bambi the 15-year-old alpaca relied on his sibling Charisma to guide him safely through day-to-day life in the steep gullies of the Dairy Flat, north Auckland paddocks they call home.

But when Charisma was stolen sometime between March 12 – his 13th birthday – and March 20, Bambi was left stranded and unable to move.

Aware being alone was stressful and life-threatening for alpaca, owner Jan Lummis initially moved sheep in with Bambi.

He was happy with the company, but the sheep didn't guide Bambi everywhere and stop him from hurting himself like Charisma did, Lummis said.

When Bambi does try and be adventurous it can turn bad quite quickly, Lummis said.

"He'll go walking along and suddenly bash into the fence, go 'oh gosh" and turn around and go the other way. He lays down most of the time," she said.

Hoping another alpaca could step in as a surrogate for Charisma, alpaca breeder Ross Stevenson of Aristocrat Alpaca lent Lummis an alpaca named Ronaldo.

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