Far North alpacas work their charm

The Country 
By: Cassandra Glover
Photo: By Ken Haddad

Photo Caption: It was a case of first in best fed when Nigel Turnbull and his family (including 18-month-old daughter Makareta) visited Philip and Paula Cook's alpacas on Sunday.
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 It would be fair to assume that Philip and Paula Cook's alpacas enjoy National Alpaca Day, a Sunday in May when they get (almost) all the treats they can eat.

Said treats come in the form of nuts, which visitors to the couple's farm outside Kaitaia on Sunday are invited to use to make friends with the animals, although one or two tend to get more than their fair share. One or two were a little standoffish, but the lure of the nuts was more than most could resist.

The couple got into alpacas when Philip arrived home from the Taupo A&P show some years ago with a pamphlet. They now have 25 of the South American animals, including the latest arrival, 3-week-old Autumn, and are pleased that interest in farming the species is growing.

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