Semaphore sensation Audrey the alpaca is turning one

The Advertiser
By: Ashleigh Pisani
Photo: By AAP/Dean Martin

Photo Caption: Semaphore's celebrity alpaca Audrey is turning one and wishing her well with a kiss, is 99-year-old Audrey Elliott, also of Semaphore.
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EVERYONE’s favourite celebrity alpaca is turning one.

Audrey, famous for her walks up and down Semaphore Rd, is celebrating her special birthday with a party at Semaphore Pets and Garden — and all her fans are invited.

Audrey’s owner, Nadine Crampton, said there would be plenty of birthday cake to go around at the Semaphore Rd store.

“There will be brownies and soft drink,” said Mrs Crampton, who also owns the pet store.

She said there was one special and super-excited guest on the party list — 99-year-old Audrey Elliott, of Parkside.

She will be making the trip to Semaphore from her nursing home so she can celebrate with her namesake.

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