Alpaca Kisses is a new Hawkesbury business that brings alpacas to you

Hawkesbury Gazette 
By: Sarah Falson
Photo: By Geoff Jones

Photo Caption: Co gives a kiss to three-year-old Poppy Tomlinson from Bowen Mountain.
Original content from Hawkesbury Gazette.     

HAVE you ever seen an alpaca at a wedding? How about in an office? Or delivering an ‘Alpaca-gram’? Chances are, you haven’t.

Hawkesbury resident Maria Marchant reckons her new business Alpaca Kisses is the only one of its kind - it’s certainly the only one in the Hawkesbury.

“The thing about Alpaca Kisses is that we bring them to you and it’s a one-on-one experience,” Maria told the Gazette.

Touch of nature

When Maria and her husband Kent moved to property at Bowen Mountain twenty years ago, Maria wanted to breed alpacas.

She had always loved the fluffy creatures, but breeding them proved to be a little too expensive.

Instead, they invested in a menagerie of animals; over the years, cats, dogs, birds, goldfish, ducks, geese and guinea pigs came and went, and now they have horses, a sheep and a goat.

About a year and a half ago, they finally got their first alpaca. Suffice to say, Maria was hooked.

“I was going to do a photographic business with all our animals but organising transport was difficult. The alpacas were easy though - you just put them in the back of your van,” she said.

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