Alpaca rescued from sticky situation by fire crews in Londonderry

Hawkesbury Gazette
By: Krystyna Pollard
Photo: Courtesy of TNV

Photo Caption: A firefighter attends to Magnum the alpaca after he became stuck in a dam at Londonderry over the weekend.
Original content from Hawkesbury Gazette.     

An alpaca has been rescued by fire crews after becoming stuck in deep mud at Londonderry.

The owners of Magnum the alpaca located him stuck in a dam bed on their Bennett Road property in the morning of Sunday, May 27, and quickly contacted emergency services for assistance.

Firefighters were soon on the scene, including  Fire & Rescue NSW’s new technical rescue truck, to assist in removing Magnum from the muddy dam.

Firefighters worked for more than an hour to pull Magnum from the dam.

Although a little cold, wet and exhausted, Magnum was eventually pulled from the mud to the delight of his owners and is expected to make a full recovery.

​It is at least the third time livestock has been rescued from dried-out dams in the Hawkesbury area since the beginning of this year.

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