Dapto operators introduce pasture-raised eggs to Marshall Mount

The Border Mail  
By: Angela Thompson
Photo: Courtesy of The Border Mail

Photo Caption: GUARDIANS: Alpacas Alfie and Chopper keep watch over the flock.
Original content from The Border Mail.     

As day breaks over the East family farm at Dapto, the first of 550 resident hens emerge from their sleeping quarters.

They have spent the night huddled together inside a van, but come 6am the doors open onto a lush hectare of pasture.

For the next 12 hours or so they’re free to roam, graze at their mobile “snack” feeder and enjoy the dark privacy of the nesting system, should the need arise.

These pasture-raised arrangements – considered on ethical and nutrition grounds to be a step up from standardised free-range egg farming practices – are the work of 34-year-old Will East, his brother Josh and his fiance Emily Frost. 

Third generation cattle farmers and – more recently – operators of Kareelah Berry Farm, the brothers introduced pasture-raised eggs to their Marshall Mount property about two months ago as a new income-generating stream during the berry off-season.

Two alpacas -  Alfie and Chopper – serve as guardians, there to drive away foxes or other predators.

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