Australian Alpaca Industry looking rosy

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By: Bombala Times
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The future of the Australian Alpaca Industry has never perhaps looks rosier with Alpaca Breeders nationwide gearing up to put Australian Alpaca Fibre on the world stage.  The Waratah Alpaca Fibre Co-Operative, based in the NSW Southern Highlands is set to have its first meeting of members.

Similar to other agricultural businesses right across Australia, the challenges facing alpaca farmers are how to increase the strength of the industry as a whole and how to increase the return for their produce at the farm gate. There was also sense that there was unmet demand for alpaca fibre world-wide, but they needed a mechanism to explore the opportunity.

The rationale of a co-operative was determined after a research and a comprehensive business plan prepared in conjunction with “Farming Together”. The Cooperative whilst based in NSW – is an Australian Co-operative and will see not only NSW but Australian Breeders working together.

Waratah Alpaca Fibre Co-Op, Foundation General Manager, Mick Williams indicated that “the most productive feature of the Co-operative venture is giving alpaca breeders confidence to grow herds by the provision of financial sustainability.  Long term – we are establishing alpacas as serious player in Australian Agriculture and International Trade”

The Co-Op already celebrating its first shipment of raw alpaca fibre to China which  achieved a price well above typical market returns. This was so ground-breaking that a new export code for the fibre had to be created to allow the activity to be carried out. 

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