Hamish the lonely alpaca hungers for new home

By: Alice Angeloni
Photo: Courtesy of Stuff

Photo Caption: Hamish has a bunch of mates, but he's hoping to find a home with other alpacas.
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Hamish the alpaca has already endured two near-death experiences.

He stood solemn, an unflinching presence, but that fluffy fringe hid the steely eyes of a survivor.

A few years ago, Hamish and his furry alpaca mate Jack, narrowly avoided their doom. The two alpacas were originally purchased to be fattened up and put on the plate, but their owner couldn't quite stomach the idea.

So he gave them to John and Beau Everett, in exchange for a couple of sheep.

"The person that was going to butcher them knew my wife was a bit of a soft touch ... we sort of got them by default," John Everett said.

She'd take in any stray if she could."

After his first brush with death, an earthquake in 2015 shook the alpaca's Seddon lifestyle block, just outside Blenheim. The day after the earthquake, Everett went down to check on the animals and tragically, Jack was found dead.

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