Alpacas to aquariums and beyond: Jennifer’s passion for animals fulfilled

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By: Central Western Daily
Photo: Courtesy of Central Western Daily

Photo Caption: LIFELONG LOVE: Jennifer Vandenbergh gets up close and personal with an alpaca at her brother's Kienella Aplacas Springside stud farm.
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To Jennifer Vandenbergh, the phrase ‘all creatures great and small’ is more than a line from a well known hymn or a recognisable RSPCA advertising hook – it’s a way of life.

The TAFE NSW Orange Animal Studies student has used her training to involve animals as varied as fish and alpacas in both her professional life.

In addition to working at Second Nature Aquarium, Ms Vandenbergh played a crucial role in setting up and running her brother Scott’s stud farm, Kienella Aplacas, at Springside.

According to the stud’s website it breeds “show-quality alpacas … for sale as pets, stock guards, and breeding females; their fleece is also available for hand spinners”.

For Ms Vandenbergh, the operation allows her to pursue her passion for animals while lending a hand to family.

“I love everything about animals, particularly the unconditional love, loyalty and companionship they provide,” she said.

“Since starting our stud, my brother, who is disabled, has been a different person. He just loves being with the alpacas.”

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