Hamish the lonely alpaca happy in his new home

By: Alice Angeloni
Photo: Supplied to Stuff  

Photo Caption: Hamish previously had to make do with the company of chickens, but now he's part of a new herd with other alpacas.

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Hamish, the once-lonely-alpaca, has been adopted into a loving new home with five other alpacas, two goats and two pigs.

For the past few years, the stoic alpaca endured a life of solitude, yearning for the comfort of a pack, after his only alpaca mate Jack died following the 2015 Seddon earthquakes.

New owners Brendon and Hannah Price already had a small herd of alpacas at their block just outside of Blenheim, and were happy to welcome another into the fold.

Hamish was tentative and initially shy when he was dropped off last week, "they take a while to socialise," Brendon said.

"They sort of had a little growl at each other and then walked away," he said, recalling the tentative introduction.

"For Hannah and I, it was a case of knowing what alpacas are like and knowing they're very much a herd animal.

"For us a sixth one was not a biggie ... he'll certainly be a lot happier here."

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