Alpaca Your Bag: The Best Places To Vacay With Alpacas

Ten Daily 
By:  Nadine Carroll
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

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There is a new way to holiday and it includes a lot of fluff and a whole lot of cuteness.

No longer satisfied with Instagram posts and GIFS of the adorable little fluffers, tourists are now picking their next holiday based on alpaca amenities.

We bet you have a lot of questions...

How many alpacas can we meet? How close can we get to them? Can we feed them? Ride them?

Unfortunately, that answer to that last question is a no but there are plenty of cuddles to be had if you know the right places to stay.

We have found the best places to vacation with the fluffiest and sassiest alpacas to be found: Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse, Brookby Hill Cottage, Starline Alpacas Farmstay Resort, and The Mallkini Alpaca Farm.

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