Drought crisis: Alpaca farmers warn recent rain not enough to turn things around

SBS News
By: Omar Dabbagh
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

Original content from SBS News.
Relief has finally arrived for drought-stricken farmers, with rain in some affected parts of eastern Australia.

That reprieve over the past week has been welcomed by farmers, but many warn it is not enough to turn things around.

There is moisture in the air on the New South Wales south coast, and, more importantly, on the ground.

Twenty-five millimetres of rainfall was recorded over seven days at Consolation Creek in Cambewarra - the location of Coolawarra Alpaca Farms

The greener pastures for the 150 alpacas on the 100 hectare property has offered new-found optimism for their owners, as creeks that were dry for months start to fill with water.

"We've seen an instant improvement over the past couple of days,” farmer Ian Davison told SBS News.

“We've had just less than an inch of rain and we can already see some of the effects of that. But the countryside is crying out for moisture."

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