Busy time ahead for alpaca breeders

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By: Rural Life
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

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Alpaca breeders are set for a busy couple of months.

The National Alpaca Expo, held at the Christchurch RDA Pavilion at Canterbury Agricultural Park earlier this month, was just the beginning. Several alpaca classes will be held at A&P shows over the coming months.

North Canterbury alpaca breeder Martin Bennett of Oak Ridge Alpacas said as the popularity of alpacas has grown, the quality of the animals entered in shows has improved.

''I suppose these days, generally, breeders are a lot more selective about what they put in the shows.

''Breeders are more educated about the breed and we all have access to similar genetics, so there's not much in it between first place and sixth place in most classes.

''It's all about selective breeding and genetics. There's a much greater access to top-end genetics and we are definitely seeing that in the show ring.''

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