Brand 'Alpaca del Perú' wins international award

Peru This Week 
By Noelina Rissman
Photo: Courtesy of PROMPERÚ

During the CLAP event that recognized the international work of industrial and graphic design, Alpaca del Perú (Alpaca from Peru), which is created by the communications agency Future Brand, took the prize.

“Alpaca del Peru is the first national brand, created as part of a strategy to position the fine fiber of this Andean camelid in the international market,” said Luis Torres Paz, export promotion director of PROMPERÚ. “Its development marks a strategic action in which the public and private sectors have worked hand in hand.”

The CLAP awards are linked to many United States and Latin American organizations. These include Furoalfa, a design community in Latin America, and Veredictas International, an agency specialized in the management of standards of excellence.

Alpaca del Perú competed with over 100 works from various businesses, offices, agencies, and independent professionals from around the globe, from Latin America to the United States to Spain and Portugal.

As stated by CLAP, the merit of the brand Alpaca del Perú was “to differentiate the alpaca fiber in the complex scenario of natural fibers in the eco-chic segment and to determine the bases for cohesive actions of the sector in the markets of interest.”  

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