Peru President participates in Pampa Galeras National Reserve anniversary

By: Andina
Photo: Courtesy of Andina/Prensa Presidencia

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on Thursday participated in the 50th anniversary ceremony for Pampa Galeras National Reserve, Peru's main vicuña recovery and conservation center located in South-Andean Ayacucho region.

Honoring Andean traditions, the Head of State was welcomed at the site by a chasqui (Inca messenger), who handed him a quipu (knotted recording cords) featuring the current number of vicuñas in the reserve.
The ceremony also recognized the German Embassy in Peru for its 50-year technical cooperation to the Inca country, which precisely began with conservation projects for vicuñas in this natural space.

In recognition of such efforts —which include several other ventures valued at €45 million— German Ambassador to Peru Jörg Ranau was named Honorary Park Ranger.

It is worth noting Peru broke new ground with the Pampa Galeras undertaking, becoming a pioneer in vicuña recovery in Latin America.
Said experience was later shared with neighboring nations like Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.
Thursday's ceremony concluded with a symbolic vicuña shearing session featuring Environment Minister Elsa Galarza and local authorities joining Mr. Kuczynski.

Pampa Galeras was the first to hold the title of national reserve by allowing for the sustainable harnessing of natural resources in the area.

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