The Peruvian Textile and Apparel Industry: A Prime Sourcing Option

SJ Sourcing Journal
By: SJ Guest Editorial
Photo: Courtesy of SJ Sourcing Journal

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Peru is re-asserting itself as a superior option for brands looking to source and produce quality garments closer to home and at competitive prices.

That is the reason why international brands are beginning to trust their Peruvian partners in the development of their collections. Many of the most renowned and prestigious labels are already making their collections with domestic manufacturers. In Peru, the creative process is an impressive mix of a culture in constant reinvention and avant-garde inventiveness.

High quality yarns, good service in terms of availability of prime materials and quick response, creative design, and manufacturing and delivery time standards are some reasons global brands decide to produce with Peruvian companies.

The superb quality of Peruvian garments made from alpaca and cotton fibers are making an impression around the world. Peru makes 80% of the world’s alpaca yarn but, more important than its volume, is the softness of the Peruvian fleece and how easy it is to dye and weave.

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