What Goes into Your Favorite Loro Piana Jacket’s Gob-Smacking Price Tag

Robb Report
By: Jill Newman
Photo: Courtesy Loro Piana
Photo Caption: At the Dr. Franco Loro Piana private nature reserve, located in a remote stretch of the Peruvian Andes, the once nearly extinct vicuña is protected and studied.

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Why does a Loro Piana pure vicuña jacket cost more than $15,000? Or why can one made from the world’s finest 12-micron merino wool (such as the example shown on the opposite page, from the Gift of Kings collection) command nearly $24,000?

A deeper look into the luxury house’s painstaking process—beginning with vicuña in the Peruvian Andes, sheep in the Australian Outback, or even goats in the Mongolian hinterlands, and ending at a traditional but high-tech factory in Italy’s Piedmont region—reveals why Loro Piana’s designs are such precious commodities.

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