Peruvian haute couture designs showcased at Coterie trade show in New York

By: Andina
Photo: Courtesy of Andina 

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A delegation of private and public sectors representatives took part at Coterie trade show —the premier global event that connects women's apparel, accessories, and footwear designers with the international 'who's who' of retailers— to display Peruvian haute couture designs in New York.

Held on February 26-28, the show featured the talent of Peruvian designers Ana Maria Guiulfo, Claudia Bertolero, Meche Correa, Sitka Semsch and Titi Guiulfo, as well as brands like Equilibreum, Anntarah, Kero Design, Escudo and that of Jorge Luis Salinas —all grouped under the Alliance of Peruvian Fashion Designers.

Together they brought surprising proposals full of inventiveness and creativity in their collections.

The garments stood out for the quality of raw materials —first-rate alpaca and cotton— and manufacturing.

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