Guinea Pig, Alpaca, and Kiwicha: Are You Daring Enough for New Andean Cuisine?

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By: Veronica Stoddart
Photo: Courtesy of Max Pixel  

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A bounty of seafood and wave of immigrants has resulted in an amazing modern Peruvian cuisine.

Heading to the legendary Inca citadel of Machu Picchu? You’re in for a treat — but not just for the reason you think. You’ll experience a dining scene as astonishing and unique as those iconic ruins in the 11,152-foot-high gateway city of Cusco nearby.

Boasting a mind-boggling 3,500 varieties of potatoes, 300 types of corn and 55 different peppers, and giving birth to such ancient nutrient-dense superfoods as quinoa, canihua and kiwicha (also known as amaranth), the Peruvian Andes have forged a dynamic gastronomy all their own. And it’s on full mouth-watering display in Cusco.

From New Andean Cuisine — a fusion of traditional ingredients with modern techniques — to millennia-old dishes, here are six great dining spots in Cusco to experience this distinctive Andean culinary culture.


Chicha is the Cusco outpost of Peru’s acclaimed celeb chef Gastón Acurio who helped put Peru on the international dining map with his award-winning Lima restaurant, Astrid y Gastón. Can’t afford the Andean-high prices of his Lima flagship? This is a more down-to-earth alternative offering a new twist on Peruvian classics.

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