Imperial Yarn Merges with New Partner Farm to Finery, LLC

In a move to help provide new opportunities for its American farming, manufacturing, and retail partners, Imperial Yarn has expanded its commitment and capacity.

Shaniko, OR – December 4, 2015 -- Jeanne and Dan Carver, owners of the Imperial Stock Ranch and founders of Imperial Yarn, announced that they have joined forces with Stacie Chavez and Lynn Edens of Farm to Finery, LLC in an alignment that will increase their ability to further their shared mission of supporting a sustainable American textile value chain.  Jeanne Carver says, “The merger with Farm to Finery brings seasoned manufacturing and retail sales specialists to the team, along with an infusion of long-term, mission-driven capital.  I believe this new relationship will result in significant increases in the amount of business we can send to our manufacturing partners, strengthening fiber producers, our value chain partners, and the many families and communities these represent.  Dan and I are very excited about this development and will work to make the most of this opportunity.”  Lynn Edens of Farm to Finery adds, “The Carvers’ leadership and vision in support of American farming and manufacturing have long been a source of inspiration for both Stacie and me, and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with Jeanne Carver to further serve those industries and, through them, the communities they support.”

About Imperial Yarn and the Imperial Stock Ranch -- Established in 1871, the Imperial Stock Ranch has been raising sheep and cattle, and producing grains and hay for 145 years. Located in Oregon’s high desert interior, it is the only ranch in Oregon designated a National Historic District that is still in operation. Owners Dan and Jeanne Carver believe in living and working in balance with nature. Under their stewardship and land management practices, the ranch is recognized as a model of sustainable agriculture.

In 1999, during a collapsing U.S. wool market, the Imperial Stock Ranch began a creative approach to selling the ranch’s beautiful raw wool harvests by creating and selling premium wool yarns.  As a spinoff of the historic Imperial Stock Ranch, Imperial Yarn was born.  Under the leadership of Jeanne Carver, the 145 year old ranch has successfully transitioned from selling wool as a commodity to selling ecologically produced wool yarns to eco-chic craft, fashion and retail markets.  Similar to the farm-to-fork “slow food” movement that reconnects us to our food, Dan and Jeanne Carver have been leading a ranch-to-runway “slow wear” and “slow textile” movement that reconnects us to the source of the fibers we wear and use in our homes.  Through the tradition of raising sheep, they are at the forefront of an economic and rural revival in America.

About Farm to Finery --  Farm to Finery was founded by Stacie Chavez and Lynn Edens to help build a more robust market for American-grown animal fiber by creating new opportunities for manufacturers, designers, and consumers to access the high quality product produced by US growers.  Prior to this venture, Stacie Chavez worked for more than 25 years in manufacturing and retailing, most recently as an executive for a highly successful women’s accessory business.  Among her related business ventures, Lynn Edens currently operates one of this country’s largest alpaca breeding operations, and founded the independent American yarn brand Our Back 40