A Vision for Healthy Soils

From Fibershed
Photo: Courtesy of Fibershed

Last week, California released its vision for a Healthy Soils Initiative and allocated $7.5 Million in funding for healthy soil incentives. This is exciting news for soil health and a regenerative future as the action plan includes restoration of soil organic matter, education, technical support and demonstration projects, and recognizes that "as the leading agricultural state in the nation, it is important for California’s soils to be sustainable and resilient to climate change.”

Click here to learn more about AB 1613 and what this means for investing in climate beneficial food and fiber systems.

From the soil to social justice, carbon farming is key to our future. As climate solutions advocate and Fibershed contributor Nikki Silvestri put it: "We can't talk about a vision for how cities, and urban communities, and rural communities, and regional economies work and thrive, without talking about carbon sequestration [and] balancing the carbon cycle"
Click here to watch Nikki’s “Dig Deeper” interview by Soil Solutions.

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