Whispirit Wins Prestigious Western Design Award: Prize for Best Art to Wear Fashion at National Conference

From Whispirit
Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Koepke (Team Whispirit)

Photo Caption: Fire Nymph Award
Albuquerque, N.M. Whispirit is pleased to announce that is has won the Best Artist ~ Art To Wear Fashion award at the Western Design Conference held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming earlier in September. The Sandia Park-based barn-to-closet creator of hand-made and hand-sewn, high-quality alpaca fiber fabric, apparel and accessories took home a $1,000 prize sponsored by Bank of The West. The Fire Nymph alpaca jacket was the unanimous choice of the six-member jury.

“We’re delighted to be acknowledged for the beauty and quality of our designs, especially the winning entry, the Fire Nymph jacket,” say Sandy and Lee Liggett, owners of Whispirit. “The Fire Nymph is the signature piece in our Cacophony of Colors Fall 2016 collection, with orange and red, colors of strength and boldness. The jacket captures the brilliance of a dancing fire, falling leaves and joyous celebration.”

The Cacophony of Colors Fall 2016 collection is full of bright colorful abstract designs to brighten any cool weather day or evening. Each jacket, scarf, hat and wall hanging in the Cacophony of Colors collection is one of a kind, handmade and hand felted. All Whispirit’s hand-made, award-winning designs are as close as possible to 100% grown, manufactured and assembled in the United States. Fall designs as well as select items from previous collections can be found at www.whispirit.net.

Whispirit’s designs can be found at Mooncat Yarns and Artemisia Artwear in Taos and Handwoven Originals in Santa Fe. To shop the Whispirit collection, visit www.whispirit.net.

About the Western Design Conference

The Western Design Conference brings together artists, scholars, collectors, interior designers, architects, and fashion designers with a passion for the West. From documented American craft, to home design to fashion, the show encompasses all aspects of the best of Western design. This annual event celebrates functional museum-quality creations capturing the spirit of the West.

About Whispirit

Whispirit creates unique, high-quality garments and accessories showcasing the pasture-to-closet nature of U.S. born and raised alpaca. Sandra Liggett’s simple, award-winning designs permit the beauty of the non-woven (non-knitted) alpaca fabric to shine as wearable, durable and useful art, requiring the same care as any natural wool garment.

Another goal of the company is to take a step in bringing textile manufacturing and truly, totally, American made craftsmanship back to life in this country, creating or sustaining jobs in New Mexico. The Whispirit alpacas are born, raised and shorn in New Mexico. The batting mills are in Colorado and Washington. This unique felted fabric is loomed on our New Mexico ranch in the East Mountains. No patterns cut here then shipped elsewhere for assembly, either. Our seamstresses are local, too.

For more information, visit www.whispirit.net, or contact Lee and Sandra Liggett, 502-286-4365 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow Whispirit on Facebook.