100th Bond Girl arrives in Darsham

Melford Green   
By: Paul Rylott
Photo: Courtesy of Paul Rylott

In 2005, following the birth of their first baby alpaca (cria) – Paul & Jude Rylott of Melford Green Alpacas, based at Darsham Old Hall near Southwold in Suffolk were searching for a theme for the names. Eventually they decided to name the girls after “Bond Girls” and the first born female was named after the first Bond Girl – Ursula (Andress).

Now, 200 births later, and 99 girls with names such as Moneypenny, Tatiana, Solitaire and Jynx – the herd has just welcomed its 100th Bond Girl.

Born on Monday 2nd – the latest cria was born at 6.00pm in the evening. Paul explained “This is quite unusual. 99% of the time, alpacas give birth during the mornings, which in Peru ensures the cria is well fed and running around by night fall – (around 5.00pm), when the temperature drops and the predators come out”. “It’s a very neat survival skill that typifies this stoic species.” adds Paul.

Bond Girl #100 – was up on her feet within 10 minutes – clearly keen to make an impression, so with the current long warm evenings there was no issue whatsoever with the later than usual arrival time.

Her name – of course had to be something quite special. She has been named Vesper, the girl the spy fell so madly in love with that he resigned his “00”status in the first Daniel Craig Bond film - Casino Royale. Paul adds “In Latin, Vesper means evening – so seemed a very fitting name for this rather special Bond Girl.”

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Editor’s Notes:

Melford Green Alpacas is based at Darsham Old Hall, Darsham Suffolk. IP17 3PR and is owned and run by Paul & Jude Rylott . www.darshamoldhall.co.uk

The business was started in Long Melford in 2005, following Paul’s redundancy and a trip to Peru. The business now breeds and sells alpacas right around the globe – in fact there is only one continent that does not have animals either from or in the Melford Green herd and that is Antarctica (and there are no alpacas there). www.melfordgreenalpacas.co.uk

Alpacas are farmed for their high quality fleece, which is as soft as cashmere, five times warmer than sheep’s wool, and three times harder wearing. Melford Green produce a range of Suffolk spun yarns and alpacas accessories, including socks, wraps and duvets at www.melfordgreen.co.uk

Melford Green have twice featured on BBC’s Countryfile programme and ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh Show https://www.youtube.com/user/Melfordgreenalpacas

Alpacas make great pets and more and more farmers are employing alpacas as fox guards to ward foxes away from lambs or chickens.

Alpacas come in 22 different colours – more colours than any other animal in the world.

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