Taking the lead! Tiny schnauzer walks its master's pet alpaca along the street in China

Daily Mail     
By: Tiffany Lo
Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

Photo Caption: Ms Peng, pictured bought two alpacas from Australia for 60,000 yuan (£6,770) last winter.

Original content from Daily Mail.

The natural order of things has shifted when a dog mastered the skill to walk an alpaca on a street in northeast China. 

Mobile phone footage posted online as a schnauzer taking a leash and leading its owner's pet alpaca in public.

Ms Peng, of Dalian in Liaoning Province, said she was relieved to let her pooch doing her daily chores.

According to Pear Video, Ms Peng bought two Australian alpacas for 60,000 yuan (£6,770) last winter and the two pets had drawn public's attention.

Footage shows Ms Peng taking one of her alpacas, named 'Da Sheng', to cross the street in the city.

Onlookers stopped and fed Da Sheng carrot sticks.

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China’s World Link opens first Chinese mainland retail store authorized to sell Peruvian alpaca wool clothing

Global Times       
By: Global Times
Photo: Courtesy of Chen Xijun     
Photo Caption: Models showcase alpaca wool clothing.
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The first Alpaca del Peru brand store in China opened in Beijing on Monday, the brand's Chinese partner World Link announced in a press release that same day.

The first retail outlet in China authorized to sell alpaca wool products under the Alpace del Peru brand, the store is the first step in promoting the sale of Peru's alpaca wool in the country.

At the opening ceremony for the store, Juan Carlos Capuñay, Peru's ambassador to China, said that the cooperation between China's World Link and Peru's Alpaca del Peru brand is sure to increase awareness and acceptance of alpaca wool in the Chinese mainland market.

The ambassador also expressed his hopes that Chinese consumers will fall in love with fashion accessories and clothing made from this natural and high quality wool.

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In Motion: Time for alpaca-lunch

RT Question More        
By: Cathie Anderson 
Photo: Courtesy of Antibodies Inc.  
Photo Caption: Guests of Taiwan restaurant dine with cute furry company.
Original content from RT Question More.  

Footage taken Wednesday shows cute and furry white alpacas play and interact with guests of a Taiwan restaurant called Oia Café in New Taipei City.

The owner Michael Peng imported two of the animals, often confused with llamas, from New Zealand seven years ago. The owner said he keeps the alpacas’ fur in tip top condition, bathing them for 30 minutes every 7-10 days, but complained it takes two to four hours to blow-dry them afterwards.

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This Ancient Dog Breed Was In Danger Of Dying Out Because Of False Rumour

The Holidog Times
By: Andrea A.
Photo: By Fred Dufour/AFP

Original content from The Holidog Times.
The ancient Mongolian Herding dog is one of the oldest breeds in the world.

These canines were long since considered sacred by nomad populations in Mongolia. Their fur, once dipped in oil, was alleged to have medicinal qualities such as subsiding joint pain. Mongolian Herding dogs were used, as their name suggests, to herd yaks, horses, goats, and sheep.

The dogs were very popular until the 1960s when an entirely false rumor that the canine were carriers of the plague began to circulate. While this allegation is completely untrue, the Mongolian Herding dog fell victim to bad press, and the breed was almost forgotten about.

Luckily, thanks to conservation efforts put into place to safeguard the breed, these canines are no longer at risk of disappearing.

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