This Ancient Dog Breed Was In Danger Of Dying Out Because Of False Rumour

The Holidog Times
By: Andrea A.
Photo: By Fred Dufour/AFP

Original content from The Holidog Times.
The ancient Mongolian Herding dog is one of the oldest breeds in the world.

These canines were long since considered sacred by nomad populations in Mongolia. Their fur, once dipped in oil, was alleged to have medicinal qualities such as subsiding joint pain. Mongolian Herding dogs were used, as their name suggests, to herd yaks, horses, goats, and sheep.

The dogs were very popular until the 1960s when an entirely false rumor that the canine were carriers of the plague began to circulate. While this allegation is completely untrue, the Mongolian Herding dog fell victim to bad press, and the breed was almost forgotten about.

Luckily, thanks to conservation efforts put into place to safeguard the breed, these canines are no longer at risk of disappearing.

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