Pacca Alpaca

Saudi Gazette
By: Saudi Gazette
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PACCA Alpaca, a prominent pre-school edutainment brand developed by a Saudi educator, is expanding its mission in Saudi Arabia.

Anamil Tech is a Riyadh- and London-based company founded by Sarah Faisal Al-Saud.

With a PhD in Human Computer Interaction and a mother of two pre-school children, Sarah’s passion for using technology to expand children’s learning led her to create two award-winning educational apps that follow the adventures of Pacca Alpaca, a colorful character that embodies the wonder and curiosity of a pre-school child.

The apps feature hours of interactive learning in seven languages with a focus on children’s character development, social skills, resilience and critical thinking – all in the context of exploring diverse cultures.

Encouraged by multiple awards, critical acclaim and popular demand from both parents and children, Anamil Tech launched the Pacca Alpaca YouTube channel that today features hundreds of videos and millions of dedicated viewers.

“I am amazed at the success of Pacca Alpaca,” said Sarah. “It tells me there is a need and demand for educational content that explores the world from a child’s unique point of view."

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