Alpacas taken to Turkey for first time

From Cihan Beta

Alpacas, an animal species from camel family known for their high-quality wool, were transferred to Turkey with a plane from Australia to be examined by professors at Seçuk University. See related story here.

Nine pregnant alpacas were first taken to İstanbul after a 24-hour-journey and will be transferred to Konya’s Selçuk University. Businessman Yüksel Çiftçi who took the alpacas to the country said they plan to bring 250 more pregnant alpacas if they are adapted to weather conditions of Turkey.

Assistant professor doctor, Esad Sami from Selçuk University’s Veterinary faculty, told Cihan news agency that they will examine and observe the animals for six months as part of a scientific study.

Watch the video of nine alpacas arriving in Turkey and read the article here.