Little Creek Alpaca Farm

Alpacas Magazine


At Little Creek Farm/Accoyo America, we produce seed stock Huacaya alpacas bred for prepotency in the production of elite fleece characteristics in their offspring, including uniformity, fineness, density, and low medullation. We employ line breeding to help “lock in” key genetic traits and rely on a host of quantitative measures to assess the quality of our outcomes and accelerate the advance of our breeding effort. Our goal is to provide the stock that will underpin the development of a profitable fiber market by improving the quality and processing characteristics of the huacaya alpaca clip to match those offered by other premium natural fibers, particularly cashmere. We are the annual host of the Parade of Champions, one of the premier alpaca seed stock auctions in the country, and active participants in a broad variety of market development efforts. We love the alpaca business, and our clients are also our friends.