Elite Sponsor Program

10 total positions available: $10,000 each

Alpaca Culture Magazine
We currently send out 5,000-6,000 issues per quarter. As our subscriptions grow, our circulation grows. We continue to send complimentary issues to a select number of entities outside the normal alpaca industry to generate new interest on a rolling basis. Elite Sponsors will receive the following in Alpaca Culture Magazine:

•  A two-page advertisement (facing pages) in four consecutive issues of Alpaca Culture magazine. There are only ten elite Sponsor positions available so you will command an increased presence, making your advertisement stand out. Also, only Sponsors’ ads will appear in the main editorial body of the magazine.

•  A short blurb with logo on the Elite Sponsors page. This is an overview of your ranch or farm and can be changed for each publication to keep the public informed of what you are currently doing on your farm or ranch.
•    Featured content when possible. When applicable, we will feature Elite Sponsors in Perspectives and other articles.  This type of exposure can be more valuable than a print ad.
•    Elite Sponsors have our ear. We carefully select our sponsors, just as they select us, to ensure our philosophies are in line. If you have a development or innovation we will feature this in the publication. If it demands a feature article, we will work with you to help develop the article.
•    Elite Sponsors may also be featured in our news, online, or letters section of the magazine.

Alpaca Culture Website
Currently AlpacaCulture.com receives monthly visits of 1,500-2,000 with an average of a three-page retention rate. Some of our Elite Sponsors have received more than 250 referrals to their website from AlpacaCulture.com in 2013. Our Elite Sponsors will receive the following on AlpacaCulture.com:

•    Editorial coverage including information about your business events and activities. Backlinks to your website in the copy where possible.
•    A full listing, with graphic banner, featuring your ranch or farm on our Sponsors page. This promotes your business and provides backlinks from our site to yours.
•    More than $1,800 annually in banner advertisement placement on the AlpacaCulture.com.

Alpaca Culture Social Media

Social networking continues to be a major player in today’s world. Friends of Alpaca Culture include breeders, scientists, artisans, knitters, fiber enthusiasts and people simply interested in alpacas. Our Elite Sponsors benefit from the following:

•    Our Facebook and Twitter pages link to the website where Elite Sponsors are featured.
•    Our Pinterest page receives many visitors and multiple interactions daily.
•    Where possible, we feature our elite sponsors in posts and link to them.

•    In an average week, our Facebook reach is nearly 15,000 people.

•    To date, our Facebook page has nearly 5,500 likes.

•    Our strong social media presence boosts the AlpacaCulture.com search engine results exponentially, making you easier to find.

Email Campaigns

Alpaca Culture sends out many professional e-mails each year reaching over 7,000 people with each mailing. This is a benefit to sponsors because:

•    When possible, news about our Elite Sponsors are featured in e-mails.

•    Elite Sponsors logos or a link to the sponsors page is included on each e-mail to increase exposure.

Elite Sponsors also receive:
•    Agency level advertising and marketing support from the Alpaca Culture’s team of marketing professionals.

•    First access to newly developing promotional opportunities.
•    A box of 21 magazines per issue to pass out as promotional tools.

All these outlets and promotional items represent a value of more than $18,000.00. On top of this, you will be associated with an organization that is representing the cutting edge of the industry. You will be the leaders of your community, represented in a professional, creative manner.