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Alpaca Culture: Alpaca News and Information

The alpaca community welcomes into its ranks an exciting new contender, Alpaca Culture. (click picture at left to view video) Comprised of a gorgeous quarterly publication and a dynamic web site, it is more than just that. Alpaca Culture brings an innovative new approach to the industry and intends to bring alpacas to the forefront of popular news and discussion.

Alpaca Culture magazine is dedicated to providing premium content you’ll look forward to reading issue after issue. Our approach is to keep the spotlight on the most relevant alpaca news available anywhere today. We search up-to-the-minute camelid information for the latest scientific advancements and bring the most valuable aspects of it to your doorstep. Whether it is happening in the Unites States, Peru, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia or another country, we will be interviewing those involved, taking photos and bringing you details.

The magazine showcases high-quality journalistic photography, professionally written articles and well-edited information to give you the most value for your time. Contributors include alpaca enthusiasts from breeders to geneticists to spinners to leading veterinarians to fashion designers. Regular features and editorials will tell the story of the alpaca industry at this moment as well as write the future of the culture.

With its pulse on the heartbeat of global alpaca news, the web site is a frequently updated modern platform rich in pertinent content that can help guide alpaca owners, breeders and enthusiasts along their path, whether they are just joining the alpaca community or have been members for years. Using videos, live video broadcasts and blogs, the Alpaca Culture web site is a respected source of useful information. Alpaca Culture publication articles are accessible online as are links to organizations, farms and other valuable contacts. With flexible and ever-improving technology, Alpaca Culture can more readily educate the public about the value of alpacas as well as get valuable information to those in the community instantly.

Alpaca Culture will cover all facets of what is most important and timely to those involved in the business, in whatever capacity. Alpaca Culture wants to take alpacas to the next level of worldwide viability and promote them as environmentally responsible livestock, wonderful animals and the future of fine fiber. By presenting both sides of the issues, we believe lively debate will propel the industry forward and result in benefits for every member of the global alpaca community. Alpaca Culture is your partner for success in the alpaca world both here in the United States and abroad.


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Advertising Information

Sponsors are a key element to our publication and other media platforms. Only sponsors can reserve a page or more and appear in the main body of the publication. Please visit our Sponsors Page to view all benefits for a sponsor.

Directory and Service Directory
This section of the magazine, located after “Innovations” will be open to all advertisers and will offer spaces form one-quarter up to one page. All display ads will be full-color.

Style Guide
Alpaca Culture will maintain a definitive style guide in order to ensure our media platforms adhere to a high standard. We will maintain the right to refuse and to help reconstruct advertisements that do not meet the editors’ scrutiny. Alpaca Culture’s design and marketing team will be available to our advertisers to help create an effective and appealing ad that will better represent your investment. By maintaining a high level of style, we will help our advertisers improve their presence and increase brand awareness while keeping readers engaged.


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1/2 page $655 $625
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Alpaca Culture Publication

The Layout of the Publication

Alpaca Culture’s, editors, writers, and photographers present a collection of well-written and attractive articles designed to engage and establish a trusted dialog with readers that make them think about the overall benefits of alpacas. We create an open atmosphere of interest to establish a receptive audience that embraces our advertisers and act on their message. Only sponsors will be featured in the following sections of the publication.

Pre-Editorial Content
Each issue contains the following interesting departments in the front of the magazine and provide multiple entry points for advertisers:

  • Editor’s Note from Jared Johnston, Executive Editor
  • Masthead
  • Table of Contents
  • Online: An update of innovative and useful items available on the Alpaca Culture website.
  • Letters: Covers current topics that highlight what’s happening now around the world, and is complemented by stunning photography, maps, and charts.

Editorial Content
Features a compilation of stories and informative articles that will focus on all aspects of the alpaca industry. All articles will be brought to life by leading editorial layout and vivid photography, maps and illustrations. Entry points for sponsores will appear between articles offering exclusive visibility.

Post Editorial Content
Each issue the following interesting departments appear in the front of the magazine and provide multiple entry points for advertisers:

  • Innovations: An update of new and innovative items available to the alpaca community.
  • Spotlight: Provides a brief yet poignant look at the story behind a selected photo by Alpaca Culture.


The 2011 Futurity Sale Results

The 2011 Futurity Sale Results

Lot Sex Type Selling Price Consignor

1 F H Colleen $15,500 Forstner
2 F H Accoyo America Theodora $15,000 Mecklem
3 F H Misty Ridge Taffeta $6,000 Ellis
4 F H KCAF Princess Buttercup $5,500 Coussens
5 F Su WLK Nefa Tari $9,000 Wilkins
6 F H Crescent Moon’s Tia $7,500 Nelson
7 M H Snowmass XXXtreme Matrix $22,000 Skinner
8 F Su Tinkers Boom Boom Pow $5,500 White
9 F H MKC’S Tikki Torch $5,500 Martin
10 F H Four Seasons Jasmine $5,500 Cronn
11 F Su Eagle Valley Zambia $12,000 French
12 F Su BBFAI Everyone’s Sweetheart $6,250 Bodeker
13 F H Tapestry’s Hanauma Bay $6,000 Sawyer
14 F Su GLR Macatta $6,500 Sprouse
15 F H NeverSummer’s Chautauqua $78,000 Collins
16 M H NeverSummer’s American Iron $9,500 Collins
17 F H Andes Farm Ipanema $5,500 Candia
18 F Su EAST FORK ACCOYO $6,500 Clapsaddle
19 F H VAC’s Symphonic Rhapsody $50,000 Cole
20 F H MFI Peruvian Zoobaroo $7,700 Forstner
21 F Su AOA Peruvian Electrafire D1492 $6,000 Miller
22 F H Snowmass Cuvee $22,500 Skinner
23 F H Sunset Hill’s Lilly $7,700 Feller
24 F Su Chelsea Farms’ Giggles $7,000 Brealey
25 F H GNLC Glory Days $6,000 Rolfing
26 F H Derby’s Echo BHAR $5,500 Galloway
27 F Su Accoyo America Serendipity $8,000 Mecklem
28 F H ELK Royal Trinket $8,000 Kellogg
29 F H NPA Peruvian Ishsha $6,000 Graber
30 F Su Derwydd Chaska’s Accoyo Sisa $7,000 Davis
31 F H SIXTH DAY Bravado’s Fame $5,000 Jarvis
32 F H La Finca’s Peruvian Elena $5,000 Cruanas
32B Trailer $11,500 Cain
33 M Su WLK Magnum’s Fyre $8,500 Wilkins
34 F H Whistler’s Miss Clementine Atlas $7,700 Arnold
35 F H Greener Pastures Dorothy $10,000 Miller
36 F Su Heartland Criations Masquerade $4,500 Albert
37 F H KCAF Constantino’s Christina $5,500 Coussens
38 F H Crescent Moon’s Ephesia $11,000 Nelson
39 F Su Pucara Chakotah’s Alinga $15,500 Cousill
40 F H Applewoods Keep Sake $6,000 Sigler
41 F H Tuscan’s Grazie di Bella Vita $14,500 Powers
42 F Su White Mountain Accoyo Zowie $6,750 Brewer
43 M H Accoyo America Rain Dance $14,000 Mecklem
44 F Su BBFAI Princess Karina $10,200 Bodeker
45 F H Majestic Meadows Elloise $9,500 Farley
46 F H MFI Peruvian Criativity $10,000 Forstner
47 F Su OAF Accoyo Barbie Doll $7,500 White
48 F H Tierra’s XXXStacy $7,500 Deschner
49 F H Snowmass Elite Grace $16,500 Skinner
50 F H Misty Ridge Sorcha $7,000 Ellis
51 F H Majestic Peruvian Addison $10,200 Farley
52 F Su SHS Aliyah $5,000 Bader
53 M H MKC’S GRAND PRIX $5,700 Martin
54 F Su Kiva’s Fallon $5,200 White
55 F H MFI Peruvian Hottothetouch $11,000 Forstner
56 F H Ulio Hembra Mach II $5,500 Diulio
57 F Su Pucara Sur-Real Chakotah’s Portia $13,500 Miller
58 F H LBA’s Snowflake $7,250 Dunne
59 F H Sunset Hill’s Cocoa Latte $5,500 Feller
60 F Su Ameripaca’s Show Stopper $8,200 Campbell
61 F H ELK Sweet-N-Sassy $17,700 Kellogg
62 F H Misty Ridge Ireland $6,000 Ellis
63 F Su GLR Airella $12,500 Sprouse
64 F H Sixth Day’s Handy M $5,500 Jarvis
65 F H MKC’ Denim and Diamonds $5,700 Martin
66 F Su AGT’s Fiamma $5,500 Buchner
67 F H GNLC Angel Eyes $7,000 Rolfing
68 F Su Accoyo America Salmonberry $6,500 Mecklem
69 F H NPA Meridian $6,000 Graber
70 F Su WLK Spectacular $20,000 Wilkins
71 F H RF Lady Rosario $5,500 Coverdale
72 F H Benchmark Guinevere by Avatar $5,000 Brown
73 F Su Chelsea Farms’ Kayla $7,500 Brealey
74 F H MFI Peppercorn $9,500 Forstner
75 F H KCAF String of Pearls $5,500 Coussens
76 F H La Finca’s Whitney Houston $6,000 Cruanas
77A M H Snowmass Exclusively Yours $25,000 Skinner
78 F H Cloud Hollow’s Tsunami $5,000 Weintraub
Overall Average Selling Price $12,500.00

US Alpaca Page

United States Alpaca Statistics

Current Estimated US Population (2011): 70,000
Current Estimated US breeders: 3,500
First year of importation: 1984