Important Photo Requirements

Photos and logos must be high resolution for print or they will appear pixelated and will not look attractive. Also, our printer rejects them.

High resolution means they should be 300 dpi, never before sized. This means we need a high quality photo and one that is also large in terms of inches. For instance, a photo that is 300 dpi and 7 x 9 inches is far more likely to meet the requirements than a photo that is 300 dpi and 2 x 4 inches.

Images that are 72 dpi (and suitable for internet) will not work for print.

Acceptable file formats include: .PDF, .JPG & .PNG

The original photo or image is ideal.

Be sure to name your file with your farm name.

Hint: When you are taking photos with a camera or phone, make sure to check that the setting you are using for photo quality is as high as possible.