Index of Back Issues

Volume 1 Issue 1 June 2012

  • Alpacas and People: From Pre-History to Today and Into the Future
  • The First Export of Alpacas: From South America and the Journey Toward Registries
  • Perspectives
    Points of View from Experts in: Fiber, Textiles, Retail, Design and Breeding
  • Alpaca Registries and Breed Organizations: Assessment, Organization, Cooperation and Unity
  • The Unbroken Circle: International Groups that Benefit Alpacas and the Human Populations that Depend on Them

Volume 1 Issue 2 September 2012

  • Fiber Producing Animals
  • Vicuñas and Alpacas: Linked Through the Ages
  • Gaining Momentum and Changing the World Fiber Market . . . One Superb Bale at a Time
  • Perspectives
    The Alpaca Fiber Supply Chain
  • Moving Towards a Universal Grading and Classing System for Alpaca Fiber
  • Alpaca Fibers: A Textile Processing Perspective
  • A Rainbow of Colors
  • Color Me Natural
  • What’s so Great About Alpaca Fiber?

Volume 1 Issue 3 December 2012

  • The Spoils of Victory: Making Ribbons and Trophies
  • Get Ready, Get Set, Show!
    By Marty McGee Bennett
  • On the Road Again: A Look at Transporting Alpacas
  • And the Winner is . . . Alpaca Show Systems of the World
  • Fleece Judging Cards
    A History by Cameron Holt
  • Perspectives
    A Show Ring and Alpaca Textiles
  • Advancements in Classing and Processing Alpaca Fiber for the World Market
    By Bob and Erin Weintraub
  • Naming and Measuring Conventions in Alpaca Fleece
  • Call Me Whenever You Like, Just Don’t Call Me Late for Dinner!

Volume 1 Issue 4 March 2013

  • Comparing Fiber Characteristics in Alpacas and Sheep
  • A Cut About: Why the Particulars of Shearing Alpaca Matter
  • Perspectives
    Professional Shearers’ Thoughts
  • Black GOLD! Alpaca Manure
  • Tread Lightly: The Unique Physiology of Alpacas
  • Knitting: The Very, Very Old Becomes New Again
  • Our Back 40 Yarns at Vogue Live Knitting
  • Quality vs. Quantity: What Processors Want
    By Bob and Erin Weintraub
  • The Who, What, Why and How of Skin Biopsy
    By Rob and Joanna Stephens
  • Snowmass Casa Chapi Medical Center
    By Nick Skinner
  • Australia Implements New Training for Alpaca Fleece Classers

Volume 2 Issue 1 June 2013

  • Saco River Dye house
    Colorful History, Green Future
  • Embryo Transfer in Alpacas: Leaders in Research and Practice Explain
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Perspectives
    Embryo Transfer in America Today
  • CIS: Camelid Identification System
    By Julie Otis Skinner
  • Less is Moor
    By Alan Parks
  • Sprouts Alive: Alpacas Get in on the Microgreen Movement

Volume 2 Issue 2 September 2013

  • Cryogenics in Embryo Transfer with Dr. Curtis Youngs
  • ariEPD Program: What’s it About and Why is it Good for My Program?
    By Darby Vannier
  • Fiber Fusion: All About Alpaca Blends
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Perspectives
    Mini Mills
  • Profiles
    • Beatriz Canedo Patiño
    • Elhadij “Haj” Gueye
    • Holly Henderson
  • Excerpt from: A Definitive Guide to Alpaca Fibre
    By Cameron Holt

Volume 2 Issue 3 December 2013

  • Social Media for Businesses
    By Selle Design Group
  • Mora Valley Spinning Mill
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Alpacas: Getting Down to Business
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Perspectives
  • Profiles
    • Auctions
    • Alpaca Therapy
    • Veterinary Services
    • Tax Tips
  • Slow Textiles and Alpaca Fiber: A Different Business Model
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • New Zealand’s TRI-umph of Alpaca Events
    By Sarah Busby

Volume 2 Issue 4 March 2014

  • Alpaca Coalition of America
  • Bombs Away
  • Alpaca is Everywhere
  • Artists and Artifacts of the Ancient Andean Area
  • Animals and Art
  • Artist Profiles
    • Daniel Salmieri
    • Anne Rogers
    • Barbara Keal
    • Holly Williams
    • Mark Short
    • Judy Boyt
    • Nilson Mogrovejo
  • Perspectives
  • Boing Batty with FeltLOOM®
  • Alternative Therapies with Dr. Tim Holt
  • Donated Alpacas of Heifer International
  • Quechua Benefit: A Love Story
  • Fit for a (Future) King

Volume 3 Issue 1 June 2014

  • It Takes All Kinds
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Livestock Dog Breed Profile: Maremma Sheepdog
  • Keeping Vigil: Just Another Alpaca Talent
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Alpaca Meat: the Argument Against
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Culling for Herd Development and Meat Production
    By Jared Johnston
  • Perspectives
  • Dinner in the Field
  • The Extraordinary Potato
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • North West Camelid Foundation

Volume 3 Issue 2 September 2014

  • Loren and Judy Stevens of Llama Tique
  • Alpaca Insurance
  • Livestock Dogs: Anatolian Shepherd
  • Creating a Business from Horses
  • Book Review: Alpacas Don’t Do That
  • Successful Alpaca Breeding in the United States and Perú
  • The World of Women and Alpacas
  • Perspectives
  • Why Your Next Summer Should be Alpaca, Not Cashmere
  • Designer Profiles
    • The Green Yarn Company
    • Alicia Adams Alpaca
    • Alpaca Expressions by Debby Green

Volume 3 Issue 3 December 2014

  • Look Who is Coming to Norway!
    By Line Werner
  • The New World
    By Jack Baldwin
  • Importing & Exporting Alpacas
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Perspectives
  • Evaluating Alpacas Around the World
  • Martha Stewart’s American Made
  • A Life of Alpaca Artistry
    By Noelle Gaberman
  • Casa Chapi: A Bird’s Eye View
    By David Tracey
  • Pluck, Clucky Chicken Footstools

Volume 3 Issue 4 March 2015

  • Patagonia: the Natural World and Natural Fibers
  • Plus Size Opportunity
  • !Welcome to Alpaca Fiesta!
  • Vicuña Chaccu
  • A Look Inside Michell
  • Incalpaca Textile Factory Tour
  • The Art of Integrity: Art Atlas
  • Perspectives
  • Alpaca Moda Fashion Show
  • Klaud
  • Song of Sibayo

Volume 4 Issue 1 June 2015

  • ACOA Organizes Cohesive New Fleece Collection Plan
  • Maine Revival: Textiles and a Sustainable Model
  • Kentucky Cloth Project
  • Round Barn Fiber Mill
  • Size Does Matter
  • Commercial Dehairer
  • Softness Sensation on a Microscopic Level
  • Perspectives
  • Livestock Dog Profile: Tibetan Mastiff
  • Well Bred: Breed Registries’ Impact
  • Wild Mantle Profile: From Pink to Green: Alpaca Fiber Insulation

Volume 4 Issue 2 September 2015

  • Asian Interest in Alpaca
  • Spring Harvest Fiber Mill
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Alpaca’s Cottage Industry
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Perspectives
  • Andee Fagan Profile
  • Turkish Akbask Livestock Guardian Dog
  • Nunoa Project Collaboration
    By Dr. Steve Purdy

Volume 4 Issue 3 December 2015

  • Technology in the Alpaca World
  • Welcome to the Web
  • Alpacas in Modern Farmer
  • A Simple Trick of the Trade
  • OFDA Machines
  • Embryo Transfer in Alpacas
  • Simply Natural 3D Knitting
  • FibreLux Portable Micron Measuring Device
  • Komondor Livestock Guardian Dog
  • Perspectives
  • Artisans Weave Networks
  • Prima Alpaca
  • Finding a Balance
  • Essential Oils for Alpacas

Volume 4 Issue 4 March 2016

  • Imperial Yarn and Farm to Finery Join Forces
  • Alpacas in the Media
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Adventures in the Altiplano
    By Katie Safley
  • A U.S. Alpaca Livestock Fiber Business Model?
    By Jared Johnston
  • The Alpaca Industry – Alive and Kicking Back
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Perspectives
  • Livestock Dog: Polish Tatra Sheepdog
  • Amano by Lorena Laing
  • The Importance of Classing and Sorting in Alpaca Fibre
    By Cameron Holt
  • SGC: Sorting, Grading, Classing
  • Nunoa Project: Ongoing Work with Camelids

Volume 5 Issue 1 June 2016

  • Learn from the Experts: Canchones Alpaca Stud’s Embryo Transfer Tips
  • To ET or Not To ET?
    By Jude Anderson
  • The Ethereal Beauty and Significance of Paracas Textiles
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Classic Alpaca: Creative. Colorful. Collaborative
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • ¡Pom-Pom Workshop!
  • Inspiring Good: Classic Alpaca and Quechua Benefit
  • Right Hand Management
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Volume 5 Issue 2 September 2016

  • Cashmere World
  • Weather and Gender Balance?
    By Lynn Edens, Kim Gleason and Arturo Pena
  • Direct Marketing Alpaca End Products
    By Judith Korff, President, AFCNA
  • Alpaca Breed Standard
    By Dick Walker
  • Inoue Brothers and Pacomarca
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Pacomarca: Genetic Improvement of Alpacas
  • Alpaca Comfort Duvets
  • Livestock Dog: Great Pyrenees
  • Why are Livestock Dogs Mostly White?
  • Alicia Adams Retail Store
  • Designer Profile: Sandra Cáceres Simons
  • North American Alpaca Shearing Contest
  • Diary of a Fire
    By Kathleen Mowry
  • Pint Sized Agritourism at Trotter Hills Alpacas
  • Local Culture Reflected in Stained Glass
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Volume 5 Issue 3 December 2016

  • Online Retail
  • Sweater Trends
  • Color Trends
  • Cracking Open the Chinese Market for Alpacas
  • Cashmere World 2016
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • The Hidden Road to China
    By Steve Rid out
  • Livestock Guardian Dog: Mongolian Bankhar
  • Strauch Fiber Equipment Company
  • Hermann Photography
  • Natural Fiber Producers & Maine Textiles Join Forces
  • The Nunoa Project

Volume 5 Issue 4 March 2017

  • Education: The Starting Point to Success
    By Jared Johnston
  • Designer Profile: Carole Solis
  • Not Your Grandparents’ Alpaca
  • Showing Alpacas: Did I Mention Paying Attention?
    By Jude Anderson
  • Back in Black: Canchones
By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Alpaca Micron Testing: Why the Differences?
    By Cameron Holt
  • Ovarian Follicular Waves in Alpacas
    By Jorge Reyna
  • The Plight of the Peruvian Alpaca Farmer
    By Kristen Peterson
  • The New Gold Standard

Volume 6 Issue 1 June 2017

  • Alpaca Direct Co-Founder Testifies at U.S. Senate
  • Meet Bud Synhorst
  • Senator Uses Alpacas as an Example of “Tax Loophole” in Video
  • British Alpaca Society Judges Recertification
    By Mark Steele
  • Retail Tags
  • Monster Felt
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Carcel: Transforming Lost Time into Skills, Paid Jobs and Brighter Futures
  • Alpaca Partners
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Volume 6 Issue 2 September 2017

  • Camelid Congress 2017
    By Robin Näsemann
  • International Artist Ai Weiwei
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • National Spinning Incorporating Alpaca Fiber Into Production
  • Beatriz Canedo Patiño
    By Daniela Erana and Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Inside the Business of Vicuña, The Wool Worth More Than Gold
    By Osman Ahmed
  • Book Review: In Search of the World’s Finest Wools
  • Spot-On! Appaloosa Leopard Alpacas
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Heartfelt Alpaca Creations
  • Downward Alpaca!
  • Benson Alpaca Meadows

Volume 6 Issue 3 December 2017

  • An Open AOA Registry?
  • Country Music Awards
  • Miss Indiana
  • Suri Symposium and All-Suri Fleece Show 2017
  • Why Didn’t I Think of That?
  • Gender Ratios in Alpacas
  • Experiencing National Alpaca Farm Days
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Alpaca Embryo Transfer Part One: Steps and Equipment Involved
    By Jude Anderson
  • Herd Management: Exploring the Meat Option
    By Sally Balcaen
  • Parade of Champions Cookoff
  • Alpaca Farm Stores
  • Alpaca To Apparel
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Volume 6 Issue 4 March 2018

  • Team USA Olympic Uniform Sweater: Made with American Alpaca Fiber
  • Alpaca Fiesta to Take Place October 22-27, 2018
  • Discover Alpaca Groups on Facebook
  • Alpaca Embryo Transfer Part Two: Multiply Your Alpaca
  • Gorgeousness with ET
    By Jude Anderson
  • The Striking Uniqueness of Alpaca Embryos
    By Kim Gleason, PhD
  • Perspectives: An Open or Closed AOA Alpaca Registry?
  • Meet the New Generation of American Alpaca
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Wool Testing: Evolving with Time and Technology
    By Angus and Margaret McColl
  • Hairballs: Rare But Potentially Lethal to Crias

Volume 7 Issue 1 June 2018

  • Alpaca Emoji
  • Alpaca Embryo Transfer – Part Three: Never Stop Learning, Always Tweaking
    By Jude Anderson
  • Lights, Camera, Alpacas!
  • Alpaca Industry Boom
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Shaping the Future of the North American Alpaca
    By Dick Walker, MD
  • Barns, Barns, Barns!
  • The Costs & Benefits of Line Breeding Alpacas
    By Lynn Edens and Kim Gleason, PhD
  • What’s Popping Up In Your Pasture?
    By Kim Gleason, PhD
  • Alpacas Helping Biomedical Research
  • The Suri Network
    By Jared Johnston
  • Bone Regeneration with NuCressTM
    By Tracy Courage

Volume 7 Issue 2 September 2018

  • Alpaca Products Market Trends
    By Jody Hatch, Lynn Edens, and Susanne Bienenstock
  • Blockchains and Alpaca Consumer Goods
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Gray Alpacas Then and Now
    By Neil E. Padgett, MD, MPH and Bari Padgett
  • Nashville and the Alpaca Industry
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • New Era Fiber Welcomes the Public to Meet and Greet at the Mill
  • Fall Fashion Showcase
  • Designer Profile: Harlequin Feltworks
  • Designer Profile: Man-Made Textiles
  • Peruvian Link: 20 years of Ingenuity
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Natural Dyes
    By Louise Carroll

Volume 7 Issue 2 December 2018

  • Make A Nutrition Plan for Your Alpacas
  • In the Beginning, There Were EPDs . . .
  • The Media and You
    By Sally Balcaen and Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Black Beauty
    By Alonso Burgos
  • Suri Alpaca Rugs
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston
  • Máximo Laura
  • Book Review: Textiles of Ancient Peru
  • The Making of Moonlight
    By Meyla Bianco Johnston