Volume 1 – Issue 4 (March 2013)


Fiber Harvest:

Hear from professional shearers and breeders why the particulars of shearing alpacas matter.

In this issue:

Comparing Fiber Characteristics in Alpacas and Sheep

A Cut About: Why the Particulars of Shearing Alpaca Matter

Professional Shearers’ Thoughts

Black GOLD! Alpaca Manure

Tread Lightly: The Unique Physiology of Alpacas

Knitting: The Very, Very Old Becomes New Again

Our Back 40 Yarns at Vogue Live Knitting

Quality vs. Quantity: What Processors Want
By Bob and Erin Weintraub

The Who, What, Why and How of Skin Biopsy
By Rob and Joanna Stephens

Snowmass Casa Chapi Medical Center
By Nick Skinner

Australia Implements New Training for Alpaca Fleece Classers