Volume 3 – Issue 1 (June 2014)


Alpaca Meat?:

In this issue we broach the sensitive topic of whether alpacas should be considered as a source of meat. We also look at alpacas and their pals from other species. The unique talents of alpacas a livestock guards are explored and we introduce our livestock dog breed series.

In this issue:

It Takes All Kinds
By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Livestock Dog Breed Profile: Maremma Sheepdog

Keeping Vigil: Just Another Alpaca Talent
By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Alpaca Meat: the Argument Against
By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Culling for Herd Development and Meat Production
By Jared Johnston


Dinner in the Field

The Extraordinary Potato
By Meyla Bianco Johnston

North West Camelid Foundation