Volume 3 – Issue 3 (December 2014)


December 2014: International Alpacas

The world of alpacas is expanding to every corner of the globe. Read about:

• What it takes to import and export alpacas between countries.

• Hear from alpaca judges about their international experiences and see how shows differ from country to country.

• Discover how Australians are exploiting the global market to spread their national herd’s genetics.

• Learn how the alpaca community was involved in the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made contest.

In this issue:

Look Who is Coming to Norway!
By Line Werner

The New World
By Jack Baldwin

Importing & Exporting Alpacas
By Meyla Bianco Johnston


Evaluating Alpacas Around the World

Martha Stewart’s American Made

A Life of Alpaca Artistry
By Noelle Gaberman

Casa Chapi: A Bird’s Eye View
By David Tracey

Pluck, Clucky Chicken Footstools