Volume 4 – Issue 2 (September 2015)


Volume 4, Issue 2, September 2015, Alpaca Cottage Industry

The cottage industry is strong and growing. Read about the creative ways alpaca breeders and artisans are making the community richer and more wide-ranging. Discover why Asia is so interested in alpacas. Meet Spring Harvest Fiber Mill and learn the ins and outs of their business. Featured: Andee Fagan’s superb knit patterns. Also: read an update about Nunoa Project in Peru.

In this issue:

Asian Interest in Alpaca

Spring Harvest Fiber Mill
By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Alpaca’s Cottage Industry
By Meyla Bianco Johnston


Andee Fagan Profile

Turkish Akbask Livestock Guardian Dog

Nunoa Project Collaboration
By Dr. Steve Purdy