Volume 4 – Issue 3 (December 2015)


Volume 4, Issue 3, December 2015, Alpaca Technology

Find out what up-and-coming technology is being used to propel the alpaca industry. Revisit tried and true fiber measurement devices like OFDA and learn about new models being used in the field like FibreLux. Read Dr. Jane Vaughan’s latest on embryo transfer in alpacas. Explore 3D knitting with Simply Natural Clothing. Designer Sandra Jordan’s alpaca home textile brand Prima Alpaca is profiled and Heifer International reports on its initiatives to get rural women in Peru earning and learning.

In this issue:

Technology in the Alpaca World

Welcome to the Web

Alpacas in Modern Farmer

A Simple Trick of the Trade

OFDA Machines

Embryo Transfer in Alpacas

Simply Natural 3D Knitting

FibreLux Portable Micron Measuring Device

Komondor Livestock Guardian Dog


Artisans Weave Networks

Prima Alpaca

Finding a Balance

Essential Oils for Alpacas