Volume 5 – Issue 2 (September 2016)


Volume 5, Issue 2, September 2016, Alpaca Breed Standard | Inoue Brothers

Learn about the alpaca breed standard. Discover if weather affects cria gender. Read about the Inoue Brothers film on Pacomarca. Discover Alpaca Comfort duvets from the U.K. and see Sandra Cáseres Simons’ art. Read a first-hand account of a devastating fire and what to know on your farm. Also: field trip agritourism and Peruvian stained glass.

In this issue:

Cashmere World

Weather and Gender Balance?
By Lynn Edens, Kim Gleason and Arturo Pena

Direct Marketing Alpaca End Products
By Judith Korff, President, AFCNA

Alpaca Breed Standard
By Dick Walker

Inoue Brothers and Pacomarca
By Meyla Bianco Johnston

Pacomarca: Genetic Improvement of Alpacas

Alpaca Comfort Duvets

Livestock Dog: Great Pyrenees

Why are Livestock Dogs Mostly White?

Alicia Adams Retail Store

Designer Profile: Sandra Cáceres Simons

North American Alpaca Shearing Contest

Diary of a Fire
By Kathleen Mowry

Pint Sized Agritourism at Trotter Hills Alpacas

Local Culture Reflected in Stained Glass
By Meyla Bianco Johnston